• Account Management Services

    Account Management Services Fee - Price on Application

    Account management is a great option for clients who have a large monthly content need.  Elisabetta offers this service in conjunction with her preferred partner No Trees.

    Scale content with a dedicated account manager

        ▪     Custom writer vetting and management
        ▪    Large volume, high quality content
        ▪    Consistent publishing schedules
        ▪    Premium customer support


    Your niche group of writers…

    Need writers who can write to an audience of industry specialists? These writers have been proven to excel in specific topics. Choose from any of our outstanding team.

    Topic Pitching

    No subject? No problem!
    Stop spending time generating new topics every week, and let our writers fill in the gaps by pitching ideas directly to you. Accept the topics you like and they’ll be written in 5 business days.

    How Topic Pitching Works:

    Idea generation for your editorial calendar is challenging, let No Trees writers pitch you topics for free.
    When starting out with No Trees, you may not have complete list of specific blog topics that you need written. Instead, you may know what general topic you would like to cover and just need a few good ideas to come your way. With No Trees Topic Pitching feature, writers who are approved to writer for your business will pitch you specific blog posts that would fit your content goals and target audience.

    Stop Managing Writers:

    Communicate your brand;s voice and guidelines to your Account Manager and No Trees will take care of managing your writing team.

    Large Volume of Content:

    For clients requiring dozens or hundreds of posts, No Trees account managers can upload .csv files. Output may then be exported in a variety of formats.

    Reliable and Consistent:

    No matter what your volume is No Trees will always meet your publishing schedules.

    Premium Customer Support:

    Your team will always be able to reach out directly to your account manager for customer support.

  • Email Content

    Email Content Fee: Non-Expert $49 / Expert: $98

    Whether it’s daily or monthly, a newsletter helps your readers feel connected. Keep them opening and clicking.

    Word Count:350-450

  • Facebook Posts 1-2 sentences

    Facebook Posts 1-2 sentences Fee: Non-Expert $75 / Expert: $150

    Inspire fans to share your message. Facebook posts are an average of 1-2 sentences and should include images (charged seperately). Facebook posts come in batches of 25.

    Word Count: 1-2 sentences

  • Keynotes

    Keynotes Fee: Non-Expert $249 / Expert: $450

    Present your ideas like a thought leader, inform, inspire, educate, and motivate with maximum impact.

    Proprietary Images extra.

    10 - 50 slides.

  • Long Blog Post

    Long Blog Post Fee: Non-Expert $59 / Expert: $118

    Inspire thoughtful debate on your blog. Long blog posts are great for thought leadership.

    Word Count: 550-650

  • Newsletters

    Newsletters Fee: Non-Expert $299 / Expert: $598

    Keep your database refreshed with timely, impactful and informative digital newsletters, linked to blogs, white papers and social media.

    Up to 4 articles per newsletter.

  • Press Release

    Press Release Fee: Non-Expert $149 / Expert: $298

    Shout about your business form the rooftops. Press releases are key to announcing a new product or event.

    Word Count: 350-450

  • Standard Blog Post

    Standard Blog Post Fee: Non-Expert $49 / Expert: $98

    Short, engaging and straight to the point. Standard blog posts are great for engaging readers.

    Word Count:  350-450

  • Tweets

    Tweets Fee: Non-Expert $50 / Expert: $100

    #Engage thousands of followers instantly. Tweets are a key part of any social media plan. Tweets come in batches of 25.

    Word Count: Up to 140 characters

  • Website Content

    Website Content Fee: Non-Expert $69 / Expert: $138

    Make a great first impression. Freshen up your website with original content.

    Word Count: 350-450

  • White Papers

    White Papers Fee: Non-Expert $299 / Expert: $598

    Thorough research with an intelligent analysis. White papers show your audience that you're a true expert.

    Word Count: 1150-1250

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