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The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Exercise - ebook

The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Exercise - ebook

This booklet is focused on looking at how exercise affects performance. It provides some tips on how to address your relationship with exercise and shift it to become more active, if necessary. This booklet is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease or syndrome. If you experience pain, physical or psychological discomfort or difficulty exercising, eating, sleeping or losing weight, seek the advice of an accredited health professional.

Energy Output

Energy Output and Input are interrelated, because everything we do has the potential to consume or contribute energy, or both.

Exercise is a great example of an energy output, but the flow on effect of exercising is that our energy levels increase as we get fitter, and our sense of wellbeing is greatly enhanced. As we become fitter, we reduce our risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.