Elisabetta L Faenza - Maximising Human Potential
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Betty Aggraviador

Director of Marketing, Mannatech Australia P/L

10806343 929706557060542 2457542756384584945 n"Elisabetta is a very creative, gifted and talented person whose personality compliments and supports the relationship-building nature of the network marketing industry. The clarity and power of her journalistic and communication skills earned her the admiration and respect of her peers. Elisabetta is goal and results orientated; definitely worth her weight in gold! The company she joins should consider themselves very lucky."


Dr. Jaroslav Boublik

"I am always inspired by the insight, creativity and dedication Elisabetta brings to whatever she does. She has the unique ability to not just think outside the box but think outside the field that the box sits in."

Dr. Jaroslav Boublik

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Jim Landau

TEC Chair, Entrepreneur

the energy code by elisabetta l faenza book cover

The Energy Code:

"Elisabetta succeeds in translating the complex science of epigenetics into a very readable and understandable form. I particularly liked the way she interwove anecdotes into the theoretical explanations and the underlying message that we can all take personal responsibility for creating a better self, workplace and world.”

Justin Sachs

Founder Motivational Press

the energy code by elisabetta l faenza book coverThe Energy Code:

Elisabetta is one of those individuals who spans the world of science and business, with a key understanding of what makes people tick and how to bring the best out in them. A highly creative thinker, Elisabetta’s ideas will help you stay ahead of the competition by getting more out of your existing resources and fostering innovation.


Neen James

Impact and Influence Strategist - Neen James Communications

the energy code by elisabetta l faenza book cover
The Energy Code:

“Wow! This book will not only assist you understand your energy, moods and personality but it is backed by extensive research from a true thought leader. You can apply her practical advice everyday to manage and leverage your own energy and get more done and create more significant moments in life that matter.”


Peter Cook

Author of The New Rules of Management, Thought Leaders Mentor

the energy code by elisabetta l faenza book cover
The Energy Code:

“Brilliant, intriguing and engaging – The Energy Code is one of those books you’ll return to again and again.  Elisabetta L. Faenza has a knack for making complex science easy to understand and relevant. The Energy Code is packed full of tips and examples of how to apply these keys to every area of your life: home, relationships and work; unlock your potential and do more with less.”


Rohan Dredge

Senior Minister, Discovery Church, Thought Leaders, New Level Leaders

"In more than 20 years of working with people and performance there is no doubt that when you find your personal style or code that gives you the right inputs you are better placed to lead, serve, choose, and contribute to the world. Elisabetta has shone the torch or clarity on this vital topic as we seek to unify our efforts whilst celebrating our distinctiveness."

books amazon elisabetta l faenza

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