Testimonials - Mentoring

Elisabetta L Faenza

  • Dr Shirley Blackman

    Elisabetta L Faenza author quote 2.fw"Elisabetta is a dynamic lady in all aspects of her life and life in general. She has encountered many private challenges in her life that most people would have succumbed to. Elisabetta endears herself to all who come in contact with her. Shirley Blackman"


     Dr Shirley Blackman

  • Frank Rositano

     "Working closely with Elisabetta, she has made a dramatic impact on my business and as mentor driven me to find my true potential."

    Frank Rositano

  • Nils Vesk

    Elisabetta L Faenza author quote 5.fw"Elisabetta is an engaging and inspirational speaker. Her extraordinary passion is matched by her extraordinary business success and testimony to her knowledge in business and personal development. Her simplicity in explaining 'the hard stuff' makes an MBA look farcical. She not only walks the talk but shows people how to walk their own talk."


    Nils Vesk