Testimonials - Profiling

Elisabetta L Faenza

  • Anthony Coote AM

    After 50 or so years of corporate management and doing several of these processes (both organisational restructuring and management training ) - this is by far the best. I fully endorse the process and Elisabetta's excellent facilitation skills. It is not confronting yet it gets you to the intersection of your individual purpose and the organisations mission. Our team has benefited enormously from this exercise in gaining clarity about where each fits and how their individual purpose fits within the organization. The organisation as a whole has benefited by having its core purpose, mission and brand clarified.

    Elisabetta is vibrant, has an exceptional ability to work with people, and addresses issues with practical and knowledgable wisdom. We will be working with her into the future.

    Antony Coote AM
    Founder, The Mulloon Institute

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  • Dr. Jaroslav Boublik

    "I am always inspired by the insight, creativity and dedication Elisabetta brings to whatever she does. She has the unique ability to not just think outside the box but think outside the field that the box sits in."

    Dr. Jaroslav Boublik

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